Some of the ways we are helping

"For someone who has never slept in a bed before, a hammock is like heaven."

Family promise of chattanooga TN, is using our hammocks in their family center to provide stability and COMFORT to its guests who are STRUGGLING with homelessness. 

We are teamed up with Building Bridges of Hope. they are using our hammocks and survival kit donations on medical trips to help people living in poverty around the world. Currently, We are working with them to provide hammocks and other donations to people in haiti who are still homeless due to the HURRICANE. 

A family in The Dominican using a donated hammock for more sleeping space in their home. 

A family in The Dominican using a donated hammock for more sleeping space in their home. 

We are partnered with the Kamkomani Mission Project IN Mariakani, Kenya Where we are donating hammocks in the area to people lacking a place to sleep. We are also making monetary donations to help build a youth center for at risk Children to receive education and have a safe place to sleep and live. In this youth center our hammocks will be the sleeping space for these children who otherwise would be sleeping on the ground.

By partnering with RoofTOp Missions we are providing hammocks to Orphans and missionaries in INDIA where there is low AVAILABILITY of clean places to sleep. Check them out here

We donate hammocks to the Isabella county restoration house in MT. Pleasant Michigan. This hammocks are giving out to people in emergency situations when the shelter is not open or something is preventing them from sleeping inside. 

Working with the Muskegon Rescue Mission in Muskegon MI, to provide hammocks and survival kits to individuals facing homelessness. 

Survival Kits!

We partner with organizations in the U.S. and around the world that hand out High Hopes Hammock Survival kits! The items in these kits are specifically chosen to enhance the quality of life for the recipients. This summer a group called Less Homeless Less Heartless were traveling around the U.S. interviewing the homeless while handing out hammocks and survival kit donations!

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