How do you help people?

We help people buy donating hammocks and other helpful items like clothing and survival kits to charity organizations and homeless individuals. We always give in a responsible way where we can most benefit the person we are serving, this will advance as our company grows. We intend to create a manufacturing facility where we can employ the homeless and provide traditional housing while paying them fair wages.

What does Double hammock mean?

Double hammock is the size of our hammocks meaning they can comfortably fit two people but is also great for one person. We do not sell single hammocks at this time because, double the hammock is double  the fun. 

WHat is your cocoon design?

Our cocoon design is a unique feature on our hammock that wraps the user up like a cocoon using velcro tabs on the sides of the hammock. See more in this video

How long will it take for my hammock to arrive?

Hammocks will usually arrive within 1 week of ordering. 

Do your hammocks come with hanging kits?

Yes, our stock hammock comes with 6.5ft long  hanging rope that you can use to hang your hammock, when hanging on trees we recommend you use carb board or cloth between the rope and the tree to protect the tree from harm.  An upgrade from there is our 9.5 ft long tree straps which are safer for the trees and provide more hanging versatility. 

is it easy to set up a hammock?

Yes it is very easy! it takes like 2 minutes! refer to this video for instructions

Do you do wholesale?

Yes we do! We offer some pretty fair prices on wholesale orders.